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Gregory Beard

Chef Gregory Beard is an amazing chef, a public figure in his community and a true man of character. Gregory Beard or as many refer to him as "CHEF" first found his love for cooking at the age of 13 years old. Chef spent the beginning of his culinary career working at distinguished hotels and corporations in California. 

This culinary school graduate had a vey promising future in California. Unfortunately, as the years passed, his father became ill and Chef decided to leave his culinary career in California and moved back to Detroit, Michigan. In Detroit Chef worked at various restaurants and food establishments. However, his goal was to establish his own restaurant. 

In 2005 Chef opened a restaurant and catering company called D'Emilis and renamed it to Soul-N-The-Wall in 2013. Chef has catered private dinner parties for his late best friend Allie Willis, the cast of The Color Purple, the comedian Luenell and many other well-known individuals. Chef is more than a culinary mastermind, he is a man who truly cares for his community and the city of Detroit.